Book Name: For the Sake of Love

Author: Anamika Mishra

Publisher: Westland

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

This is a story revolved around letters. There is a girl named Twisha, who is very passionate about her work, and who does not believe in love. She travels to Shimla on an assignment, with a colleague named Bobby, where they're going to stay for the next one month. 
One day, they find a stack of letters in the postbox beside their apartment, and both get curious to know what's written in them. Little did Twisha know that those stack of letters will become a turning point in her life in future, and would completely change her opinion on love.
They meet a guy named Alex, with whom they team up to find the lovers mentioned in the letters. Will they succeed in their plan forms the rest of the story.

My Review:

  • I liked the way how the story was written in the form of letters. When I started reading, the book begins with a series of letters, and every letter is so beautifully written, that we fall in love with the person writing those letters.
  • I've seen a drastic improvement in the author's writing style, when compared to the previous book 'Voicemates'.
  • One best thing I liked about the writing style is that, it does not contain any cheesy lines, which we usually find in the books of this genre.
  • I personally liked David's Character in the book. It's nearly impossible to find a person in real life, whose character matches his. The love and patience with which he has waited for his lover for decades together, is really heartbreaking. It shows that, even though you move on in your life, you will always have a void in your heart, which is caused by the memories of the person whom you've lost, and it can never be filled.
  • I liked one particular letter, where he invites her for his son's wedding, even though he knew that she would not come, showing hope, and showing that, no matter what, we always want them to be in the happy and sad phases of our life. He has never stepped back in writing letters to her, keeping his promise of staying in touch, hoping that she would respond some day.
Final Verdict:
The concept is unique and interesting. It's a quick read, and you would not keep the book down until you read the last letter.

Rating: 4🌟