Book Name: Please Look After Mom

Author: Kyung-Sook Shin

Publisher: Vintage

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

The story starts when a couple travel to Seoul to meet their kids, and the wife gets lost in Seoul Subway Station. 
Their kids try finding her, but fail. When they start posting 'Missing' Flyers, they start arguing about how much reward to offer, the best way to frame the text, they realise that nobody has a recent photograph of their mother.
The story is told by the alternating voices of Mom's daughter, son, husband, and at last, by Mom herself.
Do the kids really know the woman they call mother?
This story is not only a mystery of one mother, but it is about the mystery of each and every mother, her feelings as an individual, not who she is to her family.

My Review:
All the Relationships in the world are two-way; not determined by one side.
This is a beautiful quote from the book. 
The story shows whether the people actually know the woman they call mother. It tells the shattering truth that everybody looks at her from their own perspective, as a mother, as a wife, but nobody looks at her from her own perspective, as a woman.
We always tend to ignore our mothers for various reasons, may be because we are busy with our life, may be we are lost in our work. 
During the first part of the book, when we read the story through the daughter's perspective, we get to know that the mother was having frequent headaches and faints, which was completely ignored by the siblings.
When the son narrates the story, it's heart touching to know how his mother cared for him the most, as he was very special to her, because he was her first child.
In the third part, when the husband narrates the story, he shows how guilty he was for not taking care of her throughout, and for losing her in the Subway Station.
In the final part, it's heart wrenching to read the perspective of the mother. It tells about the difficulties she faced, and the unconditional love she has for her kids.
It's true how we ignore our mothers for all the other small things which are not even important. We ignore her calls if we're busy, and we don't even call back. We don't even answer her properly if she's speaking to us, when in return, all she gives is unconditional love.

I guess it's high time we understand few things about the people who love us.

  • Why do I take people who love me so much, for granted?
  • Do I really know them as a person? Or Do I just know them because of the relation I have with them?
I guess this book will tell you to ask these questions to yourself, when you still have a chance to rectify it. You need to take time to know about the people you love, and give a chance for them to know you as well.

Final Verdict:
This book is really an eye-opener for all the people of this generation.
The writing is really great, how we piece together mom's character through the four narratives.

Rating: 5🌟