Book Name: Purple Hibiscus

Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Publisher: Fourth Estate

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

This story takes place in Nigeria, about a girl named Kambili, her brother Jaja, mama, and her dominating Catholic father. Her father is a very religious person, and he has a habit of punishing his wife and kids if they've done anything wrong, against the rules set by him.
One day, Kambili's aunt comes to visit them, and ends up convincing her father to let her and Jaja stay with her for a week in Nsukka. Things are totally different in Aunt Ifeoma's house. She has three kids, a daughter and two sons, who are raised in a very lively environment. Everyone talks loudly, laugh to their heart's content, and basically express themselves freely. This is completely different to the atmosphere Kambili and Jaja experienced in their house. Their father restricted them to not laugh, to talk less, and to not express themselves whenever they wanted.
Whether Kambili will adapt to the new changes, or will continue to follow the rules set by her dominating father, and the consequences faced after that, form the rest of the story.

My Review:
The story truly captures the feelings of a 15 year old girl. So many things go wrong in this novel, and we feel bad for each of the characters. And even though Kambili's father doesn't behave in a proper way, she still cares for him and loves him no less.
The author beautifully shows how Kambili comes into a dilemma about how to react to few situations, when she knows that her father has done wrong, and she does not want to bring harm to him, and at the same time, want to do the right thing.
I really liked Jaja's personality in this book. He is a very strong male protagonist, and stands by his family's side, by always protecting his mother and sister, by taking the blame on himself, even though he knew that he would be getting punished by his father. 
The story made me think whether it is right:

  • To follow your instincts, even though you know that it is harming your family?
  • To raise kids in such a restricted environment?

Final Verdict:
The language is not very complex, but is straight forward, crisp and very easy to read.
I would love to recommend this book to everyone. I personally feel that every book gives you something to take, and this book definitely gives you a lot of it.

Rating: 4🌟