Book Name: The Secret Garden

Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett

Publisher: FingerPrint

Genre: Children's Classic

This is the story of a 9 year old girl Mary Lennox. At the beginning of the book, we are introduced to her as a victim of a terrible tragedy leading to the death of her parents. They were a British Colonial Family, and she was mostly  neglected by her parents, and was left to fend for herself. The starting of the story shows her as a selfish girl ever lived. After the death of her parents, she's shipped off to Yorkshire, to live with her Uncle Archibald Craven at Misselthwaite Manor. Once she's there, she's rude to everyone and bored to death. To get rid of her boredom, she goes out into the garden and meets a gardener who tells her about a secret garden which was locked 10 years ago, which was previously maintained by Mrs. Craven. 
The story tells about Mary's search to find the secret garden and the people she meets on the way.

My Review:
This story shows the transformation of a rude, selfish nine year old girl into a sensitive, loving child by the end of the book.
I really liked the relation between Mary and Colin, which is a pure form of friendship between two kids.
There is an incident in the book which really touch my heart, when Mary and Colin have a fight, and just for a moment Mary leaves her ego aside, and will stand by him, when he needed help. This was completely unexpected from a character which was shown as selfish and rude from the start.
This book shows that we are the victim of our own thoughts. If we think Positive, there is a bigger possibility of good things happening.

Final Verdict:
This book is a must read for everyone. Even though it's a Children's Classic, everyone must read this book for the message it gives.
It shows the value of Friendship and Positive Thoughts in a beautiful manner.

Rating: 4 🌟