Book Name: Train to Pakistan

Author: Khushwant Singh

Publisher: Penguin 

Genre: Historical Fiction

This story is set in 1947, in a village called Mano Majra, which is situated in the border of India and Pakistan. there lived a dacoit named Jugga, and his love interest Nooran.
In this village, the Sikhs and the Muslims lived together. Problems arise when the partition happens, and the Muslims have to move out. The Sikhs and the Muslims were living peacefully, until one day, a train carrying dead bodies of Sikhs arrives in the village, and causes a havoc in the complete village. The Sikhs turn violent on the Muslims, and the Muslims turn violent on the Sikhs. 
A train is about to arrive, to take the Muslims to Pakistan, and something is about to happen. And it is upon Jugga to stop what is happening. Whether he succeeds or not forms the rest of the plot.

My Review:
The first half of the book shows the bond between the Sikhs and the Muslims in Mano Majra, until the partition happened. Everyone used to treat each other with love and respect. And when the train arrives with dead bodies, the whole relation is changed.
The Muslims in the village were blamed for something done by other people, just because, they were of the same religion. This gives a lot of insight about the people's thinking at that point of time.
After reading this book, the thoughts which came to my mind were:
Is it right to punish people for something which they haven't done?
Is it right to blame few people, for what other people in their religion have done?

Final Verdict:
It is very depressing to read this book about Partition, but it gives an insight about the time period.
All the more, the writing style is gripping, and hooks us from start till the end.

Rating: 3šŸŒŸ