Book Name: VoiceMates

Author: Anamika Mishra

Publisher: JAICO

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

This story is about a girl named Tulip Hill, and her passion for music. She hails from a rich family, and her parents are keen on her pursuing B.Tech and getting a good job. But, she has a different plan altogether. She is passionate about singing, and wants to pursue her career in the same.
One day, when she was on her usual visit to the fort, to sing, she meets a guy named Sam, who asks her to be his partner in an International Music Competition called Voicemates, auditions for which are being conducted in Goa for the first time. Sam is also as passionate about music as Tulip is, and he wanted to earn the cash prize given to the winner of the show.
Thought Tulip was nervous at first, about lying to her parents, she took a chance and skipped her coaching class, to give auditions with Sam.
Whether Tulip and Sam get selected in the auditions and participate further in the show, and whether she would keep lying to her parents about the show, forms the rest of the story.

My Review:

  • This book has a fresh storyline, with an unpredictable ending which took me by surprise.
  • The references to different songs shows the author's research on the music aspect.
  • The writing is very straightforward, and I could imagine every scene in front of my eyes.
  • I feel that more depth could have been given to the characters, so that we could understand them in a greater detail.
  • The story mostly talks about Tulip and Sam. There could have been more information about other characters as well. Few things were left unsaid, like a character named Seema, who was referenced frequently in a couple of chapters, and later forgotten completely.
Final Verdict:
This book is a crisp and an entertaining read. 
You can pick it up if you're interested in books about Music.

Rating: 3🌟