Book Name: The Reason Is You

Author: Nikita Singh

Publisher: HarperCollins India

This is a story about the side-effects of Depression on our Relationships.
Siddhant, who is still coming to terms with his breakup with Maahi, his ex-girlfriend, tries to move on, and meets a girl Akriti at the same Medical Residency, where they both work. They go on a Date one day, by the end of which, Akriti gets a heartbreaking news from her family, because of which, she slowly goes into depression. 
Siddhat always stays by her side, dealing with her intermittent mood swings, her anger, in the process of which, he learns that he was never in love with her. Infact, he has never stopped loving Maahi.
How will Akriti rect to this? How will her depression affect their relationship? form the rest of their story.

My Review:

  • This book is a Sequel to 'Like a Love Song'. I haven't read the first book, but I never felt that I was missing out on something. The references, wherever required, were mentioned in the book in detail.
  • I have seen very few books written about depression in India. This gives a very refreshing read in this aspect.
  • The writing is straightforward, and the character building is depicted properly.
  • The editing was not done properly at few places.
  • The way the emotions and feelings of people depicted in this book are worth mentioning.
Final Verdict:
Pick this book up if you want to read about how a social issue like Depression, can impact on our relationships.

Rating: 3.5🌟