Do You Like Your Job?

 Have you ever felt 'I don't belong here' in your current job/profession?

After having more than 5 years of experience in the IT Industry, today's the first time I felt that I don't belong here .. After several projects in different domains, I'm currently working in the technology which I've always dreamed of .. Still, these thoughts linger in my mind .. 

I started thinking I might not be the only one who's having thoughts like this .. There might be many people who feel the same way about their job, but can't do anything about it, may be due to financial reasons .. 

But is this the right way to handle this situation?? Can we work in a place where we're not inclined with?? Can we work in a place without liking what we do?? May be Yes, for a short period of time .. But in the long run, it'll start taking a toll on your emotional well-being .. 

I feel we need to find what we really want to do .. It might take time, but I guess its worth it at the end .. 

Ikigai is the perfect book on finding the answer to this question .. It helps you in finding what you want to do, what you're good at, and which profession you can monetise out of these .. It helps you to think  about these questions in a very effective way .. 

I guess its high time we start finding what we really want to do, and work towards achieving it, rather than sticking to our desk jobs ..

What do you think?