Welcome to my Blog 🙂

 Hi All .. 

So, how many of you, at some point in your life, wanted to start a blog of your own?? 

I know it might be many, almost all .. Even I belong to the same category .. I always wanted to start a blog of my own, not only to share my thoughts, but mostly to vent out my frustrations, my anger, about many things, but I never had the chance to .. I never had the right people around me with whom I can share those things .. 

At this stage in my life, I found the positivity of books around me .. At a very young age, books have come into my life as a saviour .. They took my sorrows away, they increased my happiness, they removed my anger and replaced it with hope and curiosity .. 

Books taught me that you don't need people to give you company .. A book alone is sufficient to have a conversation with .. They tell you stories from different parts of the world .. They don't judge you for who you are .. 

I guess it's enough for now .. :D 

So welcome to my Blog .. I hope you assist me in my journey to provide value to the readers out here .. Hoping to spread positivity around .. 

Thank You,